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How is Instagram different from other social media

Why we should use Instagram?

  • None of the other social media platform makes such extensive use of hashtags like Instagram. Business has aced with the help of these hashtags and by using them very strategically.
  • Instagram is perfect for today’s busy and mobile lifestyle. It was made for capturing and posting content on the go and users love it for that reason.
  • Smartphones are being used in the most remote parts of the world where people are less likely to even have computers. Nearly everyone has a smartphone and these smaller devices easily integrate into people’s lives.
  • It’s simple and It’s fun.
  • Perfect when people are having short attention span for social media users.
  • Focus is more on image, very few read the text that comes along with it.
  • Instagram enables the post to be shared across different social media channels in one go. Like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr.

How it can be helpful for business?

  • One of the best social media platforms for branding.
  • 80% of all users follow at least one business.
  • 59% of micro influencer believe they get maximum engagement through Instagram.
  • Instagram has 2 million monthly ads compare to 6 million ads on Facebook, so chances of visibility is higher in Instagram if you go for paid ads. And Instagram’s algorithm to promote ads are much simpler than Facebook so chances to be seen and heard are better.
  • Higher engagement rate:
  • According to a studyby loco wise in February 2017,
  • Instagram generates 70% higher engagement rates than Facebook.
  • And 669% higher engagement rates than Twitter.

How to promote business on Insta without paid ads?

Image first: Instagram users have a large appetite for big, beautiful images. It’s the image that stops them from scrolling down, text comes later. Use colours which are vibrant and grabs attention instantly.

Have CTA: Influencing people to visit site and create a contest. More engagement provides more visibility.

Reward you followers: Reward your followers by giving them exclusive content, discounts, or freebies on occasion. Even a simple thank-you message can be enough to keep users around.

Instagram analytics: It is very much limited, not as elaborate as twitter and FB. Gives only post specific insights.

Frequency to post on Instagram

  • High: 3 posts per day
  • Low: 1 post per day
  • Recommended: 1–2 posts per day

Factor in the best times to post on Instagram:

  • Post #1: 8–9 a.m.
  • Post #2: 2 a.m.


No links: You can’t divert users to your website through Instagram.

Solution-> Include the link of your website in your main profile page. Also try to add Facebook or twitter profile names on the image. There is a possibility to driving your audience to other social media accounts which allows the links.

Less importance to text: Nobody comes on Insta to read text.

Solution-> Make the text part of your image.

Not an ideal place to have a customer relationship as it’s not created for back and forth conversation.