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Terms of Service

Please read the “The Terms of Service” carefully before using website which is operated and owned by Virohaa Group. The below terms are applicable to all the users and visitors who access this website. It is also applicable to our clients who have hired as for any services provided by Virohaa. Kindly go through the following points cautiously as it contains important information regarding the usage of this website and its content, your legal rights and, obligations. If at any point you feel you do not agree to the terms below then you may not access the services and are free to exit the website.



Your use of is subject to Virohaa Group’s privacy policy. We ensure to maintain the confidentiality of clients’ information, database and, documents with utmost priority. The privacy policy will be depending on the nature of service chosen by the customer. All sort of digital information and details provided by the customer for the purpose of any services will not be shared or used for any other purpose and will be protected under our privacy policy. Information shared to manage the social media accounts of the client will be handled with extreme confidentiality. For more information, visit our Privacy Policy page.


Intellectual property: –

All the graphics, images, designs, text, icons, logos, videos, sound clips and, software on this website are protected by our copyright. Plagiarism of any sort by another party will draw serious legal consequences.

All the content of any form text or graphics provided by us for the purpose of services provided to the clients is subjected to Virohaa’s copyright. We hereby declare that the said content is legally procured and does not trespass the intellectual property right of any third party.

We are bound to believe that any graphic, video, or text content provided by the client for their website are not acquired by fraudulent means. The copyright or the propriety ownership of the same must lay with the client.

Contract: –

After completion of the contract, we will return all the project related digital assets and information to the client. In case of termination of the agreement before completion, it will be returned after final settlement.


Cancellations & Refunds: –

In case of cancellation of the contract by the client or Virohaa, one has to inform the other party at least one month in advance with the reason for cancellation. In this situation, the refund will be on pro-rata basis. In the absence of the notice period and substantial reason, no refund will be entertained.

Electronic communication: –

Visiting our site or emails to Virohaa constitutes to electronic communications. By agreeing to our terms of services you hereby provide consent to receive electronic communications. Moreover, you agree that all the agreements, notices, disclosures and any other information send or communicated electronically via emails satisfy the legal requirements.



If the visitors notice any wrongful, misleading or misspelled content on Virohaa’s website we are extremely apologetic about that. We are bound to correct that as soon as it comes to our notice or notified by you.


Notification: –

After filling up the form to receive the information you will receive notifications regarding our company and services provided by us. The personal information provided by you will be handled with the highest confidentiality and will only be used for contacting and identifying you.

All these terms and conditions are to be strictly maintained. We will abide by the terms of service during the period of our contract with the client. Also if there are any other conditions mentioned in the contract with an individual client.