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Above the Fold Optimization

Benefits of Above the Fold Optimization

Why do you develop a website? The first and foremost reason is to showcase your services/products, business, and commitment to your target audience in order to drive the traffic and turn them into your customers. For the sole reason, companies try to provide the best content, imagery and advertisements to their potential clients to get a customer onboard through the website.

Along with the increasing competition in the online market, it has become more difficult to beat your competitors and convert your website traffic into customers. If you are also looking for a way to maximize the return from your website, optimizing your website’s “Above the Fold” can be one of the best ways of augmenting your sales.

According to a number of digital marketing companies in Dubai along with Virohaa, Above the Fold optimization has helped countless websites to drastically improve their conversion rate. So, let’s take a look at the ins and outs of the Above the Fold Optimization.

What is Above the Fold?

In simple words, Above the Fold is the visible part of a webpage when it is first loaded. So, it is very clear that the online users will take a good interest in the content that stays on that part of the webpage, compared to the content elsewhere because of the scrolling. This also means that ‘Above the Fold’ is the best chance you have got to impress the audience, visiting your website. That is the reason why every vital content from the text, images, video to the sales elements like CTAs are displayed here in order to have the website visitors impressed and make a query.

The Origin

The concept of Above the Fold has come from the newspapers! Back in the time when the newspaper was the only source of getting the news and affairs, the term for the upper visible half of the front page of the newspaper was called, “Above the Fold.” Newspapers used to be displayed in a newsstand folded in two halves where all the important and interesting news stays on the top visible half in order to increase the sales. Seeing the attractive headlines and rich imagery on the top fold, readers used to buy those newspapers, which remained as buyer psychology and a trend even after the internet’s inception.

At the moment when the internet is a household name, the Above the Fold of a website remains one of the most important aspects to boost the conversion rate of your website. Approximately, up to 600 pixels under the browser window are considered Above the Fold of a website. With a range of benefits, the Above the Fold is a non-negligible factor of your traffic, sales, and overall SEO.

Importance and Benefits of Above the Fold Optimization

As you can already assume that Above the Fold was, is, and always will be a vital factor for conversion and sales. Back then and even now, optimizing your website’s Above the Fold is one of the most feasible ways to grab the eyeballs of your consumers. Since the Above the Fold serves the purpose to encourage users to stay on your website and make an action, the content, layout, and placement becomes exceptionally important altogether!

All the contents placed on Above the Fold should be capable of grabbing the attention of the users, visiting the particular website. Seeing the content on the Above the Fold, the visitors would decide whether they are going to avail your service or not!

How to Optimize Above the Fold

Since the top fold of your website is responsible to provide the first impression to your potential customers, you need to work on the part to make it as attractive as possible. Moreover, you can place your important advertisements here as many visitors would be inclined to make a move from this point. Furthermore, keeping a CTA (Call to Action) button in the first fold of your webpage is one of the most important aspects to optimize Above the Fold. CTAs are designed to get clicks from the users who are visiting your webpage and keeping one such button on the Above the Fold is tremendously important because that is the first thing that your users come across for the first time when they land on your website. In this, good web design plays an important role.

Now, many of the users may think about the size and resolution of Above the Fold! When it comes to the size for the Above the Fold, there is no definite size that can be documented. The size varies according to the screen size. However, considering the general monitor size of 1024 X 786 pixels (that most of the computers have), the designers have come up with a size of 1000 X 600 pixels for Above the Fold.

However, you cannot stuff your Above the Fold with tons of images, content, advertisements, and CTA just for the sake of customer retention because regardless of what you are doing to upsurge your sales, the preliminary requirement would always be the user experience.

So, you need to keep your webpage’s Above the Fold content-rich and clean at the same time in order to let it make the conversion you are looking for. If you are confused about how to do it, consulting a digital marketing company may help you with that.