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How to write a good article?

How to write a good article?

A good article consists of two things- content and technique.

When it comes to the age of the internet, there are a lot of inputs found, since just about anyone can write something, and then post it as an article.

This obviously enhances the ease with which one can publish a piece of writing, but at the same time, it also blurs the line between what can be termed as a good articles, and this demarcation is without a doubt, most important.

The easiest part in the process of writing a good article is good content. Although many people fail to realise, but almost everyone has something interesting to say. The manner in which the content is produced- technique is harder to master.

It cannot be said that there is one particular style of writing that is preferred over the other. An article which is strong, nurtures the capability of brining changes in the minds of the readers, has a weight, and demands a certain amount of respect from the viewers.

Here are a few key points that can help you to write a good article:

  • Keep minimum barrier to the entry of the article- A head-heavy article contains too much of text before the readers can even get to the topic of the article.

The opening needs to be short and catchy enough to grab attention followed by a sentence or two which takes the readers to the paragraph. It is short and easy to skim.

The introduction should also be something that is easy to engage in so that you can build upon the trust of your readers followed by their effort to keep reading.

  • Shorten the paragraphs as much as possible. Any article which has dense paragraphs is bound to lose readers. With shorter paragraphs, it becomes much easier. It is more of an accomplishment. So keep your paragraphs short, and break up the texts. There should be space in between ideas.

The gap between paragraphs is almost like a space to breathe for your readers. Moreover, with short and crisp writing, the words become potent.

  • Make your point and keep your substance meaningful. There are way too many articles that are superficial and abstract with no substance to offer.

When you tell your readers something, “why” will also come into question. It is your responsibility to understand that question.

  • Tell a story. Any human being is bound to respond to a compelling story. This shall be one of your greatest tools.

An article which is full of life draws a reader. So recount any event with a great setting, and unfold the plot accordingly.

  • Yes! The most important and unstated rule when it comes to good writing is practice. That is how one can perfect it. It is only then the form can be internalized.

Happy writing!