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How to Use Hashtags

How to use hashtags

What is a Hashtag?

A Hashtag is a keyword or phrase preceded by a pound sign (#). It is a way of categorizing the content on the social media. It’s like tagging a post with certain words for making it more organized and discoverable. It helps users in finding the posts of their interest and connecting with the link-minded people on social media. Knowing How to Use Hashtags can play an important role in the visibility of your social media posts.

Why to use Hashtag?

Adding the right hashtags in the right way increases the visibility of your content on the social medias.
Anyone who searches with the hashtags of your public posts can find your posts. It also helps you in finding the content of any specific topic that you are looking for.

How to use Hashtags?

  • If you know how to use hashtags in the right way on social media, then your chances of becoming visible become very high. Below are few tips on using the hashtags.
  • Choose the right keywords and put a pound sign (#) before that. For example, #SEO
    If there are multiple words, then there should not be any space or punctuation in between them. e.g.; “Dubai SEO” is a keyword and its hashtag will be #DubaiSEO
  • Try to keep the hashtags short and simple. For example, #SearchEngineOptimizationDubai. Normally people don’t want to type those many characters to search for SEO.
  • Be Specific and stick to your brand and product. Instagram allows 30 hashtags, but you don’t have to use them all in every post just for getting more likes or followers. Always be specific and use relevant hashtags.
  • Create your own relevant hashtags that represent your services. For example, Destination British Columbia created the hashtag #exploreBC.

Hashtags were first introduced by Twitter in 2007. Watch below video for a brief history of hashtags.

To know more about Instagram Hashtags, click on the below link: