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How to Choose a Domain Name?

How to Choose a Domain Name

Tips to Choose the Right Domain Name

Can my domain name affect my Google ranking? Should there be location name in the domain name? Should we include keywords in the domain name? What domain name extension should I use? How to Choose a Domain Name? These questions often come for all kinds domain registration. Selecting a domain name can be a tough task for any new business. We will discuss here picking up a domain name based on how Google works.
A domain name can be based on location, services, targeted keywords, all of these or just the brand name. Location based domain name, like can give preference in Google search for Dubai related keywords for that brand. But if the same company wants to rank for other cities like Abu Dhabi or Sharjah, it doesn’t make much sense.

A domain with Location and Services, like can do a lot for ranking SEO related keywords in Dubai, and specifically for the keyword Dubai SEO, but it won’t make much sense to rank this for other keywords in other cities. For example, if the same brand wants to rank in Abu Dhabi for web design, then the domain doesn’t look logical.

There is another option of choosing a domain name based on the brand, like,,, etc. Virohaa is a company of search engine optimization in Dubai. The domain name might not give more preference in ranking for the keywords like Dubai SEO or SEO Dubai, but it provides options for expansion. The brand name Virohaa can be used for any services in any city. For example,

So, if your business is about a particular service in a specific city, then you can use a keyword based domain name. An EMD (Exact Match Domain) gives preference for ranking. For example, if a dentist is providing service only in Dubai, then will have higher chances of ranking higher compared to the other domains of the same matrices.

If the business is about a particular service in multiple cities, then you can use the combination of Brand Name and Service. For example, if Virohaa provides only SEO services, then can be used for multiple cities.

If your business provides multiple services in multiple cities, then it’s always better to choose the domain name based on the brand name, like If you still face any difficulty deciding the right domain name for your website, Contact Us, and we will be happy to help you.