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Online Reputation Management Dubai

Do you ever Google about your company online and you don’t like what you see?

A bad review, false accusation, irresponsible comments on your website or negative reviews on any of the social media platforms can tarnish your online image and can affect buying behavior of even your most loyal customers. Negative reviews or comments are blemishes which overshadow all the positive reviews. As per a survey, 86% of participants admitted that their buying decisions are influenced by negative reviews online. Thus, review from one dissatisfied customer can repel your future potential customers. With increasing number of customers going online to check online reviews before making the final purchase, it becomes even more crucial to take control of your online reputation and manage it properly. So Online Reputation Management is an essential part of your company reputation, web reputation, corporate reputation and online branding.

Online Reputation Management Dubai

The online world is fast. The negative reviews spread more quickly than positive ones which ultimately affects your sales; and bottom-line, no business can afford that. This is where Online Reputation Management (ORM) comes into the picture. ORM is basically about creating, monitoring, refining and reinstating online image of your brand and services. Timely resolution is the key here. Contacting the dissatisfied or unhappy customer, asking the reason for bad comments, acknowledging the mistakes and trying to resolve the issue at a happy node creates huge positivity. This also impacts your potential customers when they see the problems are solved and well taken care of. Our digital marketing agency, Virohaa provides premier services for Online Reputation Management Dubai.

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    We follow a four-step approach to Online Reputation Management:

       Online Presence

    The process begins by increasing your online presence and in case if you are not available online then by creating a presence. We ensure that your business exists on all major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. This is first of the proactive steps we take to give your online business reputation a real boost.


    Next, we determine the existing status of your online reputation. This is done by doing a “keyword search” of your business on search engines to understand what your prospective customer find online when they search for your company. This step is crucial as we can’t move ahead until we identify the existing problems. We call this reputation monitoring where we set up alerts to know whenever anyone posts anything online about your business.


    By using our proven reputation management strategy and techniques we can move up all the positive reviews in a search engine. Also, along with this, we can create a positive environment for your website and brand on all the social media platforms and publications. This is done by actively engaging your target audience on all social networks. Press release and articles publication also help in increasing positive publicity. We also manage content, and if fresh SEO aligned content is required, we provide that too. These positive steps ensure that we push all the negative reviews towards the bottom of the search results.


    Online Reputation Management is an ongoing process. Since the internet is continuously evolving, the process is repeated again and again to keep your online corporate reputation intact. Regular monitoring is the key here, where we continually make sure that all the negative reviews are taken care of by converting them to be positive as much as possible. Apart from that, we keep all your online information fresh and up to date.

    Your competitors are already doing it. If you don’t start now, you will lag behind. You need to understand your business’s online standing in comparison to your competition. The number of online users is rising exponentially, and they are getting connected to each other through various social media platforms. Thus, social media serves as the perfect media to promote and build your online reputation.

    There are many online reputation management services available in Dubai, UAE to choose from. The reasons which provide Virohaa an edge is its vast experience in this field. Virohaa offers you a complete web solution which includes Web Designing, SEO management, content management and online reputation management. We have expertise in providing customized solutions for each of our clients’ bespoke requirements. To know further, please call us today on +971 56 354 7115, or mail us to We provide initial Free Consultation and show you how we can assist you in building and maintaining your online reputation.

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