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Law Firm SEO Marketing

Grow Your Law Firm with Revenue Producing Google Traffic

Let’s start with a simple question.

How do people find and hire lawyers?

The UAE currently has a wide range of local and international law firms, which offer various services. All of them are competing to grab the attention of potential clients. But most of the Dubai law firms still lack the complete understanding of how a prospective client finds and hires lawyers. Our Lawyer SEO Services provides a solution for this.

According to a survey conducted by Moses & Rooth, 34.6% of people choose a law firm or lawyer based on referrals. They ask their friends and family members for the most suitable lawyer for their case. So, most of the businesses for law firms come from referrals.  However, the second-largest percent, almost 21.9% comes from search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. This is huge, and this number is growing every day. In Dubai, more than 92% of the population uses the Internet, which is also increasing. Even if your potential client came to know about your law firm through a reference, still they are most likely to first search for you online. And if you are not present on the first page, you most certainly going to lose that client. That’s where our SEO for Lawyers can help you. Our Lawyer SEO experts’ primary objective is to get maximum visibility and engagement for your law firm website on search engines.

Result oriented SEO services not only provide you a higher ranking on search engines but also give you huge online trust and credibility. So, to grow your business, you need to partner with an SEO business company that can understand your requirements and provide you exactly what you need.

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    What is SEO for Law firms?

    SEO is a methodology of increasing the number of relevant visitors for your Law firm website by obtaining a high ranking on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Hiring a Lawyer SEO Expert should be an essential part of your law firm marketing strategy.

    The #1 position of your law firm on Google for various keywords gives trust to your potential clients that no other form of digital marketing can give. We go one step further and combine our effective SEO services with online reputation management to provide you complete domination over your competitors.

    Virohaa law firm seo marketing

    Lawyer SEO

    Our in-house team of Lawyer SEO experts uses search marketing strategies for your law firm. The approach is based on the understanding of your law firm’s goals and your current and desired clients. It’s not just about gaining the number one ranking on search engines; there are many elements involved in increasing your online presence. Our law firm SEO services provide detailed and customized solutions by using various SEO tools and techniques. Following are the combination of methods we use, which will give you a bit insight into what all things are involved in search engine marketing: –

    Website analysis and amendments

    We will evaluate the current status of your website, its content, and ranking on search engines for targeted keywords. There are various factors that make a website grab attention and make it Google-friendly. By making some necessary changes to your Law firm website, we can achieve an SEO friendly lawyer website. We can also develop your site from the scratch as we are also a law firm website design company.

    Increasing visibility

    Let’s first understand it’s not just about visibility. Visibility might bring traffic to your website, but that’s not all. Our SEO for lawyers’ techniques focuses on bringing the quality traffic and relevant audience. Google and other search engines are getting evolved, providing more localized search results based on location, language, nature of the business, etc. Our team of Lawyers SEO continually works to provide you an edge over here.

    Social Media Marketing

    Our social media marketing services help in gaining more online presence. We provide interactive and engaging content across various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest which we will manage on your behalf. Social Media presence is an integral part of attorney marketing. It is also an essential tool to interact with your existing and potential clients, and get regularly in touch with them through engaging posts.

    Mobile and tablet searches

    If your website is not mobile-friendly 90% of people will leave the page within seconds. For the past few years, we have witnessed an exponential rise in mobile and tablet searches. It’s not just important but crucial for any lawyers’ website to provide web pages that are fast and responsive to mobile or tablet users. We make your webpages responsive and user-friendly for mobile devices. We also optimize the page load time to provide a great user experience.

    Content management

    The content that goes on your website must be unique and original. The title of any page grabs the attention and the introduction decide whether the user wants to read further. Our in-house team of content writers provides you with SEO-friendly content. Which means something that search engines can understand with ease. This does not mean throwing a bunch of keywords here and there but the strategic placement of keywords which in turn makes the content engaging and attractive.

    Strategic placement of Info-graphics and Speed

    This primarily involves making the page more user-friendly and attractive by using images, videos, pop-ups, and chat windows. Our SEO Experts are always up to date, and we also use the latest technology like AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) for blazing fast speed on mobile devices. Eye-catching infographics can catch the attention of the visitors and encourage them to take action. They can fill-up the form, ask for direction or call you on your given number.

    Your competitors are already doing it, if you are not moving forward, you might just miss the ladder for growth. Every day you are losing a potential client to your competition just because of your weak online presence. We at Virohaa can help you change that with our specialized SEO services for the legal sector.